Father Gifts $37,000 For Daughter’s Plastic Surgery, As She Couldn’t Wait To Get Slimmer

Haleigh York battled her weight her whole life, she remembers being bullied from a very young age because she was larger than everyone else in class. She dropped out of high school when the bullying really took a turn on her life as she came home crying and never wanted to go back. Haleigh has been trying her best to tackle her weight but she cannot seem to get rid of her stubborn fat. So she asked her father for a generous gift of $37,000 to go towards her plastic surgery bills as she wanted to tackle the remaining fat.

Haleigh couldn’t have been happier with her decision to go under the knife for her slimmer transformation, her father was happy to help her whatever the cost as he knew she had suffered from her weight her whole life.


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