Father Hears Daughter’s Scream As She Falls Off A Ride In An Amusement Park

At Six Flags Amusement Park, the last thing a father would want to hear is his daughter’s scream while watching her dangle from a ride.¬†Matthew Howard the father of the 14 year-old girl who was stuck as her body swung from the Sky Ride, her brother was with her but didn’t know what to do as she was suffocating.¬†Matthew ran towards the scene as many gathered around him and instructed his daughter to let go and jump, he felt that it was only right to catch her.

His daughter let go as she landed on her father’s chest, they were both immediately rushed to the local hospital. People recorded to incident as they all sent their blessings to the poor girl who got stuck on the ride. She was treated in hospital for minor injuries as her father wasn’t injured but he was very upset about the incident.


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