Father Kidnapped His Own Child For 13 Years But Gave Him The Best Life Possible

An 18 year-old young man called Julian Hernandez discovered that he was abducted from his mother, he simply filled out a college form when he found out that he was reported missing 13 years-ago. Julian’s social security number did not match up with his name so his school counsellor got involved to find that he was actually registered on the missing children system. The FBI were involved in the case as Julian was shocked to find out his father Bobby Hernandez had kidnapped him.

Bobby Hernandez gave his son a great life as he was a good role model to him, but he was arrested for faking his identity and taking his son without the mother’s consent. Julian’s mother was very happy to hear that his son was alive after 13 years of worrying, she said she even thought about committing suicide. Bobby Hernandez received 5 years in prison as he apologised to the court for his actions.


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