Father Left His 5 Year-Old Out In The Cold At Night As He Disappeared And Went Clubbing

A father abandoned his 5 year-old daughter at a college campus one night as he gave her the bare minimum clothing to sleep in. Adrian Sanchez was supposed to be looking after his daughter when he wanted to go out clubbing instead, so he walked his daughter over to a college campus as he gave her his sweater and told her we would be back. He hopped onto a bus and never showed up again, the poor girl had fallen asleep but was in complete shock when she woke up.

The college campus officer spotted the 5 year-old girl as he reported her to the police department, Adrian was caught and arrested with the information provided from the security cameras. The 5 year-old girl is back safely in her mother’s arms as she told her mom how frightened she was. Her mom couldn’t believe that her partner would do such a horrible thing, Adrian was arrested for child abandonment.


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