Fed Up With Your Haircut At The Hairdressers? Here’s A Great DIY Haircut Video For Medium To Long Hair

Have you had bad haircut experiences at the hair salon? Do you always end up regretting getting your hair cut? Or you’re not happy with the end result? Then here’s a DIY video on how to cut and layer your own hair. All you’ll need are a sharp pair of scissors, a comb and some hair ties.

The first step is to have damp hair, you need to brush your hair to the front, creating a pony tail as demonstrated in the video. Then according to how you want your layers, you can cut at a slanted angle or cut straight. This method will give you even layers and a nice trim.

The next step is to take off the hair tie and see if you like your layer’s length. If you want to go shorter then you can section off your hair and create the same style ponytail and cut straight. This will give you even shorter layers which will add more volume into your haircut.

The final step is to blow dry your hair and see the final result. Your haircut should look great, there are many positive reviews for this DIY video. Have a look for yourself, amazing!


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