Girl Falls Out Of A Church Van As The Car Behind Caught It All On Camera And Saved Her Life

A shocking moment as Ryan Ciampoli witnessed a 4 year-old girl fall out of a church van right in front of his car as he was driving. His dashcam caught the young girl flying out of the van as police believe she pushed the emergency exit handle and fell out of the moving vehicle. Ryan who was training as an EMT rushed to the girl as picked her up away from danger, he knew that people should not be touched or moved after an accident but he used his judgment to protect the girl from more danger on the road.

The 4 year-old girl was seriously injured as she was taken to hospital, the church van driver has still yet to speak about the incident of how she fell out and why the driver didn’t see it happen. Ryan is a hero for saving the girl from other terrible injuries such as getting run over.


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