Girl Was Born With A Tumour On The Left Side Of Her Face As She Had Many Surgeries To Get Rid Of It

Sloan McGillis was born with a non-cancerous tumour on the left side of her face, she was diagnosed with haemangioma when she was born. The tumour sat on her face as it grew in size, the doctors decided it was best to undergo surgery when she was two years-old. Her parents Joe and Jennifer stayed strong as they knew Sloan was young brave girl, her mother stayed by her side until the very last moment before surgery. Her first surgery was successful as they attempted to cut into her skin to remove it, but she needed more surgeries to follow. Today Sloan is a happy girl as she smiles away, her tumour has decreased in size as doctors will continue to completely get rid of it.

We hope Sloan recovers well as she continues to smile and show everyone how brave she really is.


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