Girl With Cancer Shows Amazing Strength And Shares Her Positivity With The World! You Will Be AMAZED

Have you come across cancer patients, or have held the stereotype that they may be feeling down? Well in that case a young girl will break all your stenotypes of cancer patients!

A cancer patient, Megan Kowalewski created her very own music video while she was in hospital while being treated for cancer. She merged snippets of clips that she had nurses record of her, showing her happy and energetic fun memories. She even shared her positivity with other cancer patients and nurses by dancing and making them join along. She didn’t let the idea of being attached to a machine bring her mood down, nor let the medication side effects sink in. Instead she turned it around for the better, and put all her clips together to share on YouTube for other patients to see. She is a lovely young and inspiring girl, we need more people like her!

So next time you’re feeling down, just remember that there are hospital patients thanking to wake up to another day full of positivity! Have a great day!


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