Grandma Gets A Shock When She Changes Her Grandchild’s Diaper. She Was In For A Surprise

A shocking moment when grandma found out the baby girl was in fact a baby boy; she could believe it! Kyle and Danielle Williams were in a for a big surprise on the day of delivery, as Danielle gave birth to a baby boy but they were told it was going to be a girl. Naturally they had gone shopping for pink clothes as they received many pink gifts by their friends and family. They were all set and ready to give their daughter another baby sister, but Kyle confirmed it was a boy when he first saw the baby.

They decided to record their friends and family’s reactions to the adorable surprise, as each one of them were laughing. The sonogram the couple received confirmed that they were going to have a baby girl, but it wasn’t the most accurate picture of the baby. They are very happy with their healthy and happy baby son!


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