Grandmother Claims That Her Daughter Was Innocent For Abandoning Grandchild In A Fire

In Miami, a mother Erica Rosello was charged with one count of child neglect when she was arrested for leaving her child in her burning house. She was frying french fries for her daughter when fire started, she poured water on the oil which made things worse so she decided to escape the house. She heard her daughter crying but eventually the girl stopped making sounds, so she thought she killed her daughter. Erica ran away and evacuated the scene, leaving the neighbours to make a 911 call.

During the time of her daughter being rescued, Erica called her mother and explained the situation. She also told her mother that she was going to commit suicide for her actions. But when police found her they arrested her, she was told that her daughter was found alive in the burning house. Erica was pleased but she faced charges of neglected her own daughter in a moment of danger. Her mother claims that Erica is innocent and only made a terrible decision to evacuate.


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