Groom Did Something Special For The Father-Daughter Dance. He Had Everyone Talking About His Performance. Incredible

In Connecticut, a groom wanted to do something special for his bride, he wanted to sing during the father-daughter dance. Andrew Meadows sang “Your Daddy’s Boots” by Dustin Lynch to his Father-in-law and bride Kelly, as she had lost her mother due to stage-four cancer not so long ago. The family were deeply affected by their loss, so Andrew wanted to make the father-daughter dance personal as it was an emotional moment for the family.

He did a great job with his vocals and even impressed Dustin Lynch, who had heard it when the video went up on the internet and responded “awesome job”. Kelly’s mother would have been proud of the man her daughter decided to marry, not only does he love her but he has love and respect for her family. What a wonderful man he is!


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