Handicapped Woman Receives A Very Upsetting Note From Her Horrible Neighbour

In Miamisburg, a handicapped 26 year-old handicapped woman called Ashley Brady had lost her leg in an accident in 2014. She said she struggled to learn to walk again after she was given a prosthetic leg, she often fell over on her way to her car in icy conditions. After she contacted her apartment’s management team they agreed to give her a designated handicapped parking space that would make things easier for her.

But a neighbour decided to take Ashley’s spot and not apologise for it. So Ashley placed a note on the neighbour’s car politely explaining that it the handicapped parking space belonged to her. But the neighbour wrote a very rude message back which was very upsetting for Ashley and her family to read. Her family decided to take action as they notified the apartment management team and post the rude message on Facebook as it gained a lot of attention.


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