Have You Literally Seen Till Death Do Us Part Vows Come True. Well Check Out This Incredible Love Story

A couple Alexander and Jeanette Toczo were married for 75 years and they hated being apart, and they had told their children that they wanted to die in each others arms. That wish finally came true for them on their 75th anniversary. The couple had fallen in love since they were 8 years-old and have never left each others sights, they were deeply in love even 75 years later. Jeanette had asked her daughter to be beside her husband on their last few stages together, and her daughter suddenly realised that it was their 75th wedding anniversary. So she prepared a small celebration for them as they lay together in bed, and sadly about half an hour later her father passed away, her mother also passed away in less than 24 hours later.

Their children said that their hearts beaten as one for as long as they could remember. What a romantic love story, almost one like those in movies or written about in books. So beautiful!


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