He Is Such A Lovely Uncle For Letting Them Have Their Sweet Treats, These Twins Simply Love Marshmallows

These twin baby girls Adelyn and Sarah just knew exactly what they were going to get up to when they realised mom and dad were going out and their uncle had to babysit them. The dynamic duo decided to go straight for the cupboard and pick out the bag of marshmallows. Their uncle likes to give them sweets only if they are behaving, but this time they decided to treat themselves. He recorded the adorable quality time as he gave them a few marshmallows on a plate as they shared them together.

But when the marshmallows finished they wanted more and asked their uncle for more sweets, but he knew he couldn’t spoil them too much. He made sure to watch them incase they had choked on any of the marshmallows, but they seemed perfectly fine.


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