He Showed The Bullies That They Were Wrong About Him. He Is An Inspiration To Many

John Lindo showed the world that it did not matter that he was big in size. He wanted to show that reagrdless your size, you can have fun and show off your talent. He had a passion for dancing from when he was a teenager. But he got bullied when he was growing up becuase of his size, that wasn’t enough to stop him from showing off who he really was.

His dance partner Deborah Szekely has danced with him over the years and they have perfected their moves together. The two dance partners love to show off their moves and often show up to contests. This time they decided to take on the West Coast Swing Jack & Jill contest, where partners had to show off their swing dance moves.

They did such a fantastic job that they won 1st place at the contest. What a lovely duo with an energetic performance!


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