He Sleeps In A Walk In-Closet And Shrink Wraps Everything Around His Home To Save It

A man who likes to shrink wrap his whole house, Todd Moriarty lives in a three bedroom and three bathroom house. He hopes to sell his house for a value of $280,000 as he believes that shrink wrapping it and preserving the original works will add to the value. He split from his wife as she couldn’t cope with his tough ways of living, the divorce drove them to sell the house.¬†Todd stays in the house as he uses a walk-in closet as his bedroom and only uses one bathroom which he shrink wraps the toilet seat, that he changes it once a year.

He likes to save the energy and money on gas and electric bills so he uses the least amount possible. Todd is hoping to sell his home in the great condition that it is in, he plans to live efficiently in it as possible until it’s sold.


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