Her C-Section Led Her Into A Coma Which Placed Her On Her Death Bed But She Turned That Around

It was a miracle when Shelly Cawley survived her C-section that led to a serious coma. During her C-section she formed a blood clot in her leg which burst, this paralysed her as she went into coma. Luckily her baby girl survived and was born healthy, but Shelly was in a critical condition. Her blood pressure was dangerously low as doctors didn’t think that she would have survived.

The nurses then decided to rest her baby girl on her chest as they say it is vital for mother and baby to have skin to skin contact. In this case Shelly started to show signs of healing when the nurses placed her baby on her chest. Her husband Jeremy Cawley learned to look after their daughter in the meantime as he had hopes that she would recover and she did just that a few days later. Shelly recovered fully from her coma as she couldn’t believe the strength she had within her when she held her baby.


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