Her Waistline Is Only 15 Inches As She Wishes To Have It Smaller Using Corsets

A bizarre addiction to shrinking her waist size, Cathie Jung is on The Guinness World Records for having the smallest waistline.  She has wanted a smaller waist ever since she became a woman, she reduced her healthy 26 inches’ waistline to 15 to 18 inches.  Her husband Bob is a physician who finds her small waist very attractive, he says that he has taken care of her health and made sure that it has not damaged her organs. They have been married for 55 years as they are happily in love till this very day, Cathie even wanted to surprise her husband for their anniversary.

She had a Victorian style corset dress which took her two hours to put on by herself, she usually gets her husband’s help but this time she wanted to surprise him. After she put the corset on she went downstairs to surprise him, Bob was so thrilled to see her in that dress.


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