His Grandmother Sat Down Inside His Car, Not Knowing The Surprise She Was In For. Hilarious

David Goodings wanted to surprise his grandmother on her birthday, she was turning 86 years-old and he wanted to show how much he loves her. He invited his grandmother to go out, and on the way to their destination in the car a radio broadcast came on. The radio presenter made an announcement that it was Iris Howard’s birthday, and she is known for “winning the best nan competition for 10 years in a row”, and that she is often described as an “incredible person”.

The presenter then started playing messages of her grandchildren that all wished her a happy birthday, she was in tears of joy as she listened. But her biggest surprise was when she heard her brother’s message from all the way in Australia, she couldn’t stop crying. Her grandson David gave her such a beautiful surprise from all her grandchildren, it was truly heart-warming!


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