Husband Does Something Amazing To Show His Wife How Much He Loves Her Even After Death. You’ll Be Amazed

Shelly Golay’s husband was diagnosed with brain tumour and did not have too long to live, he did something incredible to show his wife that he loves her very much. He thought of a unique way to express his love even after he would die, something that you’d only see in movies. He visited his favourite florist and requested that his wife receives his favourite flowers every Valentines day until the day she dies. This romantic gesture was a surprise until he had passed away and his wife received Valentines day flowers from him.

At first she thought her children sent her the flowers, but she contacted the florist and found out that he arranged flowers for every Valentines day. Immediately the florist released that the man had done something amazing for his wife and Shelly was very emotional to find out. She wanted to preserve her first Valentines day flowers after his death. This is such a beautiful story!


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