Husband Visited His Dying Wife, And Did Something Spectacular To Remind Her How Much He Loves Her. So Sweet

Laura and Howard were married 73 years, and sadly Laura was dying at 93 years-old when her husband would regularly visit her. One day he decided to express his love for her incase he never got the chance again. So he asked for his favourite song to be played which was “You’ll Never Know” by Rosemary Clooney, he sang to the lyrics of the song while looking at his wife and stroking her face. She also gazed back into his eyes even though she was partially blind, she joined along with the lyrics making sure she too was expressing her love for him.

This was a very emotional moment to watch by their family, Howard eventually broke down into tears towards the end of the song. May they both rest in peace as they have both passed away. What a beautiful couple!


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