INCREDIBLE Story Of A Girl Finding Out Her True Identity At Age 16. Her Determination is AMAZING

This may be the most inspiring yet emotional story of a girl finding out the truth about her biological parents. Jennifer Bricker, who was born without legs was given up for adoption when she was born because her father could not afford the costs for her disability. That was a very sad decision, but it gave Jennifer a great life ahead of her. She was brought up by a couple who had three sons, and she became their daughter who was showered with love.

Jennifer Bricker’s idol was Dominique Moceanu from a young age, Dominique was known for her gymnastics in which she won a gold-medal for United States. On the other hand Jennifer wanted to be just like her but she didn’t have legs, she was also taught from her adoption parents never to say the word “can’t”. This motivated her and pushed her to pursue and train herself as a professional gymnast, in which she succeeded with flying colours! One day when she was 16 years-old she asked her adoption parents about her biological parents, and they broke the news to her that her surname was “Moceanu”. Which meant that Dominique Moceanu was her biological sister, who was her role model!

She then contacted her biological sister with evidence, and as shocked as Dominique was, she was also very surprised and pleased to hear that she had a sister she never knew about. After the sisters contacted each other, they began to grow close and they were shocked at the fact that Jennifer saw Dominique as her role model on TV. Which made her want to become a gymnast and she suddenly found out she was blood related to her role model!

Such an inspirational story! Never let obstacles stop you from doing anything you love, and you may find surprises along the way! Incredible!


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