Is It A Car Or A Bike? Amazing Piece Of Design That Could Change The Future

A design engineer Mikael Kjellman, enjoys riding his bike in Sweden but often finds that the weather conditions can make it quite tricky to have a smooth ride. So he carefully designed a four-wheel bike covered it with fabric, with the exteriors to look like a car. The material used is waterproof and designed to keep cyclists warm in cold weather conditions. He wanted to design a bike that would meet his needs when commuting to work in bad weather conditions. The bike is fully equipped as it contains a storage area, a hook that more storage can be attached to, a comfortable padded seat and steering sticks. He initially wanted it to be practical but then it became fun for him to cycle on and off roads as it meets the road safety requirements to legally cycle on the streets.

What a clever invention! Who would have thought it was a bicycle from a far distance? Genius!


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