Jewellery Theft Gone Terribly Wrong As This 46 Year-Old Woman Tried To Walk Away With Millions

A 46 year-old woman entered a luxury jewellery store in hopes of walking away with millions of dollars of jewellery. She asked the jewellery store owner Vladislav “Bobby” Yampolsky if she could be taken to the vault where the expensive jewellery is stored. She then decided to buy 11 rings, but with the intention of stealing them.

The woman carefully wrapped the expensive rings in her own paper and taped it, she made it into a package. She then tried to switch the packages with another one from her bag, but she was caught red handed. Bobby instantly knew something was wrong so he tried to grab her bag but she refused to let go. So he left the vault and locked her in to call the police, he made a smart move.

Bobby was appalled with her behaviour, she faced charges of Grand Theft and Organised Fraud.


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