Jodi Came To Audition On Britain’s Got Talent And Simon Cowell Cut Her Performance Short. She Was Shocked

Jodi Bird who had just turned 16 years-old came to audition on Britain’s Got Talent, she had always wanted to perform and to sing to an audience. She sang “Don’t Rain On My Parade” by Barbra Streisand, but within minutes into her performance, judge Simon Cowell did not seem too impressed as he cut her performance short. The other judges were furious with Simon and they demanded that she continue singing her song, they forced Simon to give her another chance.

Jodi seemed a little upset but she sang her song again and this time she had more excitement and passion. She has a strong back bone for musical theatre, and her confidence came through. After her performance, the judges and audience were pleased with her performance.

Judge Alesha Dixon loved her performance she said “I really like you Jodi, that song was full of personality and it was really well done.” Then judge Amanda Holden commented “What I really admire is how you dealt so well so brilliantly with the critique, you came back so much stronger.” Eventually Simon Cowell apologised for what he did because he realised her performance was amazing!


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