Lifeguard Spots A 5 Year-Old Girl Drowning At Sea As He Thinks Fast And Acts Upon It Within Seconds

A lifeguard called Terry did something amazing on a usual day at the beach, he was looking though his binoculars when he noticed something was not quite right. He spotted a young girl in the far distance as she was drowning in the sea, she struggled to call for help as she was fighting the waves. Luckily he saw her just in time to quickly jump on the surfboard to rush towards her and rescue her.

He rescued the 5-year-old girl’s life on that day as her as she had gone out of her parent’s eye sight while she was playing alone. Terry had lost his son as he knew the importance of rescuing another child’s life, he knew exactly what the 5-year-old’s parents must have been going though at the time.

It is always important to guard your children at the beach making sure they don’t go too far from you as it can be very dangerous out there in the sea. Luckily for this girl she had Terry to rescue her from drowning in the deep sea, she got very lucky!


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