Lives Can Change In An Instant, Especially On The Road. BE CAREFUL When Driving. Watch To See What Happened

On March 4th 2013, a couple were walking on the pedestrian in St. George. They were enjoying their day not realising things would take a turn for the worst! One driver was speeding and texting as she was late to work, her car went out of hand and crashed into another car. Sadly that second car came spiralling towards the couple who were walking. The couple were severely hit and the man had died, leaving his wife traumatised and badly injured. She was immediately taken to hospital and received specialist care which resulted in five thousand stitches. Her life had changed forever due to one careless driver who put her phone before safety.

Make sure to be safe when driving, not to cross the speed limit and definitely not to be distracted by your phone as it may cost someones life! Also be careful when walking on the pedestrian side walk as you never know when a car will come spiralling towards you. Be safe!


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