Look At What Happens When You Mix Milk, Food Colouring and Dish Soap. Results Are Amazing

Remember those really cool science experiments you carried out when you were at school? Well these homemade science experiments will make you feel like a kid again! Also it is a great way to teach your children science using safe household ingredients.

These two mothers got together to show us how easy and simple it is to teach those at home about science, whilst learning a thing or two yourself. They take us through basic everyday ingredients to create weird and wonderful science. For example by pouring milk into a baking tray and adding food colouring droplets with a hint of dish soap can explode the colours. As dish soap breaks the fat in the milk, the food colouring helps shows the process which looks like a fun colourful experiment, almost like fireworks using food colouring!

Also who knew creating homemade lava lamps were so easy! It’s amazing what you can do with a few ingredients lying around inside the house!


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