Look At What She Did For Father’s Day. Her Stepdad Could Not Believe it

Kristin Russell wanted to surprise her stepfather Dave on Father’s Day, she wanted to show him how much she appreciates him for being the father figure in her life. She knew he once had a Porsche 914 that he adored and planned to fix with the money he had saved up, but he spent that money on marrying her mother instead.

So she decided to find an identical Porsche 914, from the pictures her stepfather had. She found one in Arizona and got it transported to Philadelphia, where her parents live. After some mechanical work, she was able to drive it to her parent’s house.

She first gave him a Father’s Day card, and then told him to look outside in the driveway. He was shocked to see the car but didn’t realise it was his, he started crying when she told him it was his car. What a wonderful Father’s Day Gift!


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