Luke Bryan Was Performing On Stage When He Saw This Adorable 6 Year-Old Girl

Luke Bryan is a well known country singer, his fans adore his music and performances. On August 24, 2013 he held a concert in New Jersey, while he was singing he saw a young girl called Kylee in the audience. The adorable 6 year-old girl was dressed in her cow girl outfit and she had red pigtails, he picked her to join him on stage when he sang “Someone Else Calling You Baby”.

Kylee was so happy and confident when she joined him on stage, she sang along with him. At the end of the performance Luke kneeled down and asked Kylee “Can I sign you to a record deal tonight? Are you cool with that?”, while the audience cheered. They were so happy that Kylee joined him on stage, it made their evening more memorable.


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