Make Sure You Eat Sushi From Reliable Restaurants Or You Could End Up Sick

Have you thought about what fish you were really served when you ordered sushi? Samples were taken from twenty-five sushi restaurants in America to test if the fishes were what they were meant to be. It turned out that 68% of the white tuna fish from sushi restaurants was actually from a fish called escolar. The escolar fish is actually banned from countries like Italy and Japan as they can make people sick, as it can be hard to digest.

The sushi restaurant owners were questioned to why they served escolar fish instead of white tuna fish. They all had the same response by saying that they didn’t want to talk about it. These owners know about the risks of eating escolar, it can cause vomiting and diarrhoea. Make sure to order sushi from top end restaurants or stick to salmon and prawn based sushi as they are hard to replace.


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