Man Addicted To Cheeseburgers So Much He Ate About 20 Burgers A Week

A man called Victor lives on cheeseburgers, he has only eaten cheeseburgers for the past 20 years of his life. His wife likes to cook the family homemade meals, as he pretends to eat her food but then eventually throws it away. His addiction has left a hole in his marriage as his children look up to his bad eating habits. It was time for a change, he knew he needed to face reality to see the damage he has been causing. Victor was diagnosed with diabetes but that wasn’t enough to stop him, so a nutritionist expert Jay-Jay stepped in just to show him how many burgers he consumed within a year. She opened the back of a truck to see 1,400 burger containers fall down onto the ground which represented his yearly intake.

Victor took a step back as he felt very emotional and could not believe how many burgers he had been consuming. Jay-Jay did her best to put him on a healthier alternative as she changed the ingredients inside the burger and got him to try different meats. Victor had a hard time adjusting to the new food palette but he knew he had to make healthier choices so he could live longer for his wife and two children.


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