Man Creates A DIY Garden Bed That Changes His Backyard. Very Creative And Interesting

Jason Hodges loves nothing more than a lazy day at the park because he loves to lie down on the grass and watch people go by. He doesn’t have a lawn at home because he simply does not have the space. So he comes up with a creative idea to get his piece of lawn in his backyard, he begins with building a bed like structure from planks of wood and paints it with a charcoal stain. He transforms the planks of wood into a sleek garden bed, he then pours soil in the centre and compressed it with his feet to get rid of the air. He carefully lays out his beautiful green lawn, and waters it. He decorates it with other plants and cushions to give the space more life, the before and after results are amazing!

Maybe give it a go yourself and transform a dull space in your backyard into something fun and creative to enjoy those hot summer days!


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