Man Known As Katy Perry’s Stalker Said He Would Do Anything To Be With Her

A 37 year-old a Polish man called Pawel Jurski was caught stalking Katy Perry, he said that he would do whatever it takes to be with Katy Perry. He was caught as he tried to climb onto her stage in Miami, her security guards held him until they called the police to arrest him. It was later found that Pawel followed her to her concerts in the past 20 days prior to he was caught, he even followed her to  the hotel she was staying at.

He confessed that he was obsessed with Katy Perry and that nothing was going to stop him. The judge set his bond to $34,000 and gave him a warning. Katy Perry was disturbed to hear about her stalker but is thankful that he won’t be attending her shows in the future.


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