Man Performed A Deadly Trick Which Had Been Done Once Before As The Original Magician Died In The Act

A magician Demian Aditya, performed a deadly trick on America’s Got Talent, he said that he saw the original idea on the internet where the man died and hoped to recreate the trick successfully. The judges were asked to sit outside the studio for this act as Demian needed to get into a wooden box and be buried alive. His wife was in tears as she was terrified that she was going to lose her husband forever.

Demian asked for his wife’s bobby pin and was chained up with the help of his assistants. He then got inside the wooden box which had a camera to show his trick from inside the box. He asked his assistants to bury him with sand as he gave himself 1 minute and 30 seconds to get out before he would run out of oxygen. But the camera lost connection through the trick as judge Simon Cowell got very worried, Demian’s wife started crying as she tried to get her husband out.

Seconds later one of the assistants took off his hat and revealed to be Demian Aditya, he managed to get out of the box and confuse his audience at the same time. This trick should not be tried out at home.


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