Man Spent About $1 Million Dollars On His Gambling Addiction Which Left Him With Nothing

In Connecticut, Adam Osmond admitted that he had a gambling problem as spent all the money he would make at his convenience store on buying lottery tickets. His addiction became so bad as he would constantly think of numbers in his head and then buy lottery tickets according to those numbers. The¬†Connecticut lottery company who he was buying from decided to shut his machine down at his convenience store and convicted him of being addicted. In March 2008 he was told to pay up the lottery tickets that he never cashed in, he lost his family as he wasn’t able to financially support them.

His wife and two daughters moved to Virginia to live with their relatives, he was left with an empty house and a stack of papers. In November 2015 a judge looked over his case again to find that his terms of conviction were illegal and in fact he didn’t have to pay the¬†Connecticut lottery company. He has overcome his addiction and has picked up running as a new hobby hoping that it would heal him again.


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