Man Who Used To Weigh Over 900 lbs Is Auditioning for The X Factor USA

In Greensboro, North Carolina The X Factor auditions were taking place. One contestant named Freddie Combs decided that he wanted to audition although he knew he wasn’t physically fit. He almost died at one stage of his life weighing over 920 lbs, where he spent his time in hospital.

Since then he has been exercising and stuck to a strict diet which has helped him loose over 400 lbs. It has helped him change his perspective on life, his wife Kay has been beside him supporting him through everything.

He wants to tell the world that they can achieve their dream regardless of their size. He decided to sing “The Wind Beneath My Wings” by Bette Midler, and all the four judges were impressed. The audience were cheering as soon as they heard his angelic voice.

Freddie showed the world to not judge someone by how they look, amazing!


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