Man Will Never Forget The Worst Day Of His Life When He Was Kidnapped

Jeff Muller was closing his pet shop one evening when he was attacked by gang members in a parking lot. The gang members attacked Jeff and brutally beat him up as they tied him up and placed a hood over him. They drove Jeff across the country believing that he owned their boss money, but little did they know they had the wrong person.

Luckily their car broke down in a┬áMissouri gas station, that’s when Jeff made a run for it and escaped from the gang members. A surveillance footage showed Jeff rushing into the store and begging people to call 911 as he had been kidnapped, he then collapsed on the spot. Police rushed to the scene as they also caught up with the gang members who were arrested for the kidnapping.

Jeff returned safely to his worried wife who had no contact with him for hours, she was worried sick.


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