Moment 11 Year-Old Finds Out She Is Officially Adopted Is Caught On Camera

An amazingly sweet moment when 11 year-oldĀ Tannah Butterfield found out that she was officially going to be adopted by her foster family. A school employee revealed the great news as she jumped into her arms and kicked her feet in the air with great joy. Tannah was fostered with her 6 year-old brother and 2 year-old sister as they were not sure where they were going to end up. But her foster family fought their battle as they really wanted to keep their three foster children.

Tannah’s official adoptive parents always wanted to have a big family but they couldn’t have more children due to infertility issues, so they were over the moon when they signed the official papers. The school employee posted theĀ surveillance video on the internet as she wanted to share the wonderful moment with the world, she received many sweet comments.


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