Mother Abandons Her 2 Year-Old Daughter At Their Local Grocery Store On Purpose

A woman called Chiengkham “Cindy” Vilaysane abandoned her 2 year-old daughter in a grocery store, she caught one of the employee’s attention as he knew something was wrong. The employee picked up the young girl and asked her where her mommy was as she pointed to Chiengkham, but at the moment Chiengkham left the store. She didn’t want to take her 2 year-old daughter along with her so the employee called the police to find out where she went and why she had abandoned her child.

The Southern California officers arrived to the scene as they traced Chiengkham from the surveillance footage. They arrested her for abandoning her child at the grocery store as child services stepped in and took her child. The 2 year-old will be looked after until she is ready for adoption by a lovely and caring family.


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