Mother Became Worried Sick About Her Son’s Sudden Internet Fame And Death Threats

In Texas, a 16 year-old boy called Alex Lee also known as “Alex form Target” became internet famous within a day. He was working at Target when he was serving a customer, that’s when the customer snapped a photo of him quickly. She then posted the photo on Twitter which became viral and people tracked him down, they visited him in Target and asked for photos.¬†Alex had no idea he had gained fans over the internet, they also found his social media accounts as his followers went up.

Alex quit Target after it became uncomfortable to work without his fans interrupting him, his mother became worried for his safety. He received many negative comments and death threats from complete strangers online, his mother decided it was best for him to find another job. Alex still can’t understand why he got famous on the internet, but he is not complaining.


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