Mother Body Shames Daughter In A Busy Donut Shop In Front Of Everyone

An experiment to see what members of the public would do when they overhear a mother telling her daughter off for being “fat”. The mother and daughter were both actors who stood in a doughnut shop to see what others would do, the mother began talking to the man behind her when she told him about her daughter’s weight problem. She told the man that one daughter would be allowed to get a donut for getting good grades while the other daughter had to be put on a strict diet. The man didn’t agree but he minded his own business, the man standing behind both of them in the queue just couldn’t remain silent.

The other man stepped in and told the mother how she was a horrible person and that she should not body shame her daughter for her weight. A father himself told the woman that’s no way to be a parent and body shame children, he got very angry as John Quinones stepped in and confronted him about the experiment. John was revealed to see how the man stood up to the woman and told her what she was doing was wrong.


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