Mother Decided To Change Into A Man As Her 15 Year-Old Son Decided To Change Into A Woman

A mother and son were not happy with their genders so they simply decided to swap. Erica Maison was born as a woman as she got married and gave birth to four children but she never felt comfortable in her own body. She knew that she always wanted to be a man, she then realised her son Corey started to act more like a girl. When Corey turned 15 years-old he decided that he officially wanted to become a woman, he was given medication to stop facial hair growth and stop deepening of the voice.

Erica began her transition with a new hairdo as she started injecting testosterone into her legs, her voice became deeper as she started to grow facial hair. She then proceeded with double mastectomy surgery which set her free, she is so much happier as her husband supported her decision throughout her process. Both mother and son are very supportive of their gender change and continue to support others battling through the same issues.


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