Mother Drove Into The Sea With Her Three Children Purposely In Attempts To Kill Everyone

A mother of three children called Ebony Wilkerson was caught out on her insane attempt to kill herself and her three children inside of her car. The mentally ill woman drove the car into the crashing waves at sea when her children yelled for help. The children caught a man’s attention who happened to be driving by and couldn’t believe what he was seeing, his wife started recording the horrible incident as he jumped out to save the children. Another man saw what was happening and ran towards the car in attempts to stop Ebony and save her children. But Ebony was determined to drive into the sea and wasn’t listening to anyone, eventually the life guards and police got involved.

Her two children were rescued first but her youngest child was still stuck in the car as Ebony stepped out of her car. Luckily the life guard saved the third child just moments before huge waves came crashing in, Ebony walked off like nothing had happened. The police investigating the incident as they took her children into childcare services


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