Mother Felt Nothing When She Was Sentenced For Letting Her Son Die In The Heat

A mother of a 2 year-old was sentenced to prison for 35 years for letting her son to die in the heat. Molly Shouse was convicted guilty as she had left her son Kenton Brown in his car seat inside the car while she was gone to get her drug fix. She had slept for more than 12 hours when she took combination of marijuana and Xanax, leaving her son to burn and suffocate in the heat of the car.

He was found dead by his grandmother who called the police, although she believes that her daughter was not guilty. The prosecutor argued in court that she was a terrible mother for choosing drugs over her son, she was disgusted at the state Kenton was found. The prosecutor had tears in her eyes and felt that Molly deserved those 35 years in prison for her actions.


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