Mother Was Told To Hold Her Twin Daughters As They Were Shot Dead In Her Arms

A 22 year-old mother called Megan Hiatt had to witness such a horrific murder right before her eyes as she was holding her 5 month-old twin girls. Her ex-boyfriend Gawain Wilson killed their daughters as she was told to hold them in her arms, he then shot her father and himself. She was left I’m complete shock as she had to crawl through her babies blood to hear her father’s last words. Megan has been left traumatised since the murder as she knew that she should have reported him for domestic abuse when they broke of their relationship.

Megan said that Gawain would beat her up and threaten to kill her during their relationship, so she ended her relationship and decided to look after the twin girls by herself. This turned into a tragic ending for her family, Megan Hiatt’s mother has been by her side supporting her through it all.


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