Not All Heroes Wear Costumes! Some Are Disguised as People We Come Across Everyday Like Teachers

Sonya Romero, appeared on The Ellen Show who is a kindergarten teacher at Lew Wallace Elementary, New Mexico. She makes sure her students are ready for day ahead by asking if they have clean clothes on and have eaten food. If they don’t then she makes sure to have an extra back up supply for those that need it. She also fostered two children that she had once taught, as child protection services had come into school one day and while they were sorting out the case, they needed a safe place for the children to stay for 48 hours. Sonya happily took them and made sure they had clean clothes and a warm place to stay at her house. She then extended the 48 hours to a lifetime, by officially adopting the children!

The school was so proud of her efforts and positivity that they decided to create a short clip showing their appreciation. Other teachers and her students expressed their love for Ms. Romero, and it brought her into tears whilst she was watching the clip. This beautiful clip also brought Ellen Degeneres to tears as she was so pleased to hear Sonya’s story of the amazing woman she is. Ellen gifted her cheques by Target to help Sonya continue on what she is doing but with the help of a bigger budget.

What an inspiring story! Teacher’s are our heroes!


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