Old Woman Regretted The Very Moment She Lied About The Wallet That Wasn’t Hers

A woman who refused to be named got herself caught up in one huge scam when she was asked if a wallet full of $150k belonged to her. Two women who were behind the scam acted like strangers when they tricked the old woman, they told her that they would split the money three ways. One of the scammers pretended to get the money professionally counted and said that there was a fee to prove they were capable of showing the huge sum of money on their records.

The old woman was convinced to pay a fee of $3,000 to get her share of the $150k. She was asked by the scammers to pay their $1,000 as well and they were willing to give it back to her once they received their share of the huge sum. But by the time the old woman figured out the scam, the two scammers had run away with her $2,000.


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