One Nurse Went Out Of Her Way To Make Sure She Was Doing A Great Job. She Is An Angel

Kleenex wanted to surprise a nurse that works hard during the day and night to help babies. She looks after babies in NICU; which is intensive care that is very critical. The nurses are not sure if the babies will make it through their shift, they do their best to look after babies as their parents can’t be with them.

One nurse Renee has been amazing, not only does she do a great job but she takes her time to bond with the babies and their parents. Renee always hands over the babies to their parents when they are healthy and ready to go home, each parent has thanked her several times. But Kleenex wanted to show Renee how much it really meant to them, so they had clips from each family thanking her.

Renee was very emotional when she watched their videos, she couldn’t stop crying. After she finished watching them, all the parents and children surprised her. She couldn’t believe that they came to hug her and thank her for her amazing job that she has been doing as a nurse. Renee was proud to see the children all grown up happy and healthy.


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