One Photo Of This Old Man Pushing A Cart Got Him His Retirement Money

Life changed around for 89 year-old Fidencio Sanchez and his ill wife when people heard that he sold ice lollies to make money. The couple invested into an ice pops cart which Fidencio would push down the street, he was growing old and tired but never gave up making money to look after himself and his wife.

One day he was walking down a street on a long hot summer’s day when he caught a man’s attention. The man snapped a photo of Fidencio and made him a GoFundMe page, where Fidencio received a donation of more than $384,000. When received the news that he no longer had to work for the rest of his life, he was crying tears of joy. He couldn’t believe that he would finally be able to take care of his wife and not worry about their income.


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